Top 5 tips to control your stress level


The stress is the response of your behavior to a certain situation. There are a lot of different types of stress and you can control each type by the different tips. Someone believes that stress can be useful while others think that it not good for health. The stress can be useful in a situation where you need to finish your task on the time but it can be harmful to the mental and physical health. The first thing which you need to do is that you should have some knowledge about stress management because it will help you to get stress in control easily. So let’s have a look that what are the different types of stresses and how you can control each stress.

Types of stress

There are 3 common types of stress worldwide and each stress can be connected with each and what you need to do is learn about the stress level through which you can have the best control over them.

  1. Acute stress

This is the common stress that every one of us would be facing on the daily basis. This stress can produce negative or positive behavior and it has the quickest response to a certain situation. There is a simple example of the acute stress that can help you to understand it clearly. When you have an argument with someone then you be thinking about the future happening and it turns into the stress and it can turn into two types, positive or negative response but the most important thing is that how you can handle it.

  1. Episodic acute stress

The episodic acute stress comes after the acute stress. The people who are frequently having the acute stress would turn into the episodic acute stress. This stress can affect your mental and physical health a lot. The most common example of the episodic acute stress can be taking many responsibilities while you cannot performing them well through which you can take the stress and this can be harmful to your mental health.

  1. Chronic stress

This stress can be more dangerous to the health and if you don’t have the treatment of chronic stress then you might putting yourself in danger. The chronic stress can be the overthinking or be pressurized by someone for a longer period of the time and it would keep damaging your health through you can be patience toward the mental problems. It is advisable to have the stress management for your chronic stress to get rid of the mental problems.

Tips for stress 

There are a lot of tips that can help you to get your stress in control and manage your stress level toward the positive direction.

  • While you feel the stress take a deep breath and think about the problem.
  • List the entire problem to the paper and make a plan for each problem.
  • Make the alternative plan for your problem and implement each type to the problem.
  • There are some problems which cannot be resolved quickly and try to have the calmness to your work.
  • Try to work everything on time which helps you to have less stress.