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Psychotherapy refers to the treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disturbances and disorders using psychological methods. Psychotherapy encompasses a diverse range of techniques used to help people in solving problems, achieving their individual goals, and changing and managing their lives by treating a variety of mental health issues.

Psychotherapy comes in many forms ranging from working with individual adults, children, adolescents, couples, or extended family members. While there are many different types of psychotherapy they all share an emphasis on good communication as a key tool for success.

Depending on the needs of the patient, psychotherapy may be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies and treatment methods. Many treatment studies suggest that psychotherapy in combination with other treatments and evaluation methods can yield the best results for many patients.

In responding to requests for services, we do not use a “clinic” model in which we simply assign patients to the next available clinician. Rather we use a “specialty” model whereby patients are matched with specific services based on their needs. For example, many people seek out psychotherapy services with an expectation of receiving individual psychotherapy. However, research on treatment outcomes suggests that group psychotherapy may be equally effective or superior in some cases to individual psychotherapy, and thus may be the treatment of choice. Similarly, research demonstrates that people often benefit from multiple services simultaneously or interventions which may be recommended in sequence.


As a longtime patient of Boston Neurobehavioral Associates, I can confidently attest to their dedication to providing the highest quality mental health services in the region. Dr. Munir and his professional team of mental health practitioners are caring, compassionate, highly knowledgeable, and thorough in their approach to patient care. During every visit I always feel that I receive the best treatment and advice, and, furthermore, I feel strongly that I can trust Dr. Munir with all aspects of my care. I also get the sense that Dr Munir cares about me as a patient and as an individual, and it is obvious from his enthusiastic approach and friendly demeanour that he really enjoys his practice. He always takes time to answer any questions about my care while maintaining a busy and efficient medical practice. His office is managed by a professional, welcoming staff who provide prompt service and treat patients respectfully and with compassion and understanding. I highly recommend Boston Neurobehavioral Associates to those seeking the most advanced and comprehensive treatment of their mental health needs.
My Best, Shawna

“We have known Dr. Munir for over 5 years.  His level of service exceeds our expectations.  His commitment to his patients go beyond his office hours, he makes himself available when you really need his expertise, no matter what time of the day. We strongly recommend him for your family needs.”

Signed a Valued Patient

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